Corrosion prevention is crucial to maintain and extend the lifespan of your company’s parts and equipment and to prevent rust, which causes premature deterioration and increased risk of breakage. Aerochem provides a full range of anti-corrosion products suited to your individual needs. Speak with one of our advisors so that they may guide you to one of our many solutions, such as zinc rich cold galvanizing (Galvicon), stainless steel or ceramic epoxy coating, surface preparation and passivation, rust converter, and long-lasting industrial-grade anti-rust protection.

Here’s a quick glance at our range of anti-corrosive products:
  • Lubricants;
  • Protective agents;
  • Galvanizing;
  • Greasing;
  • Anti-seize lubricants.

Anti-corrosion aerosols


Lubricating anti-corrosion


Oil or parafin based


Zinc based

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