MRO Specialties


Aerochem’s MRO specialities are industrial products designed for the maintenance, repair and operation of all your equipment and machinery. Proper maintenance and upkeep ensures that your equipment operates smoothly, reliably and more safely. Your company will save time and reduce costs thanks to greatly reduced downtime. You will find products suitable for all maintenance and repair operations, including solvents, degreasers, cleaners, polishers, as well as special bonding, sealing and lubrication substances.

Aerochem’s MRO specialities:
  • Instant dry degreasers;
  • Dielectric degreasers;
  • Fast evaporating degreasers;
  • Biodegradable degreasers;
  • Cleaners and polishes for aluminum and stainless steel;
  • Extra strength cleaners;
  • Hydraulic fluids;
  • Food grade products;
  • Gear oils;
  • Assembly pastes;
  • Release agents;
  • Heavy duty cleaning foams;
  • Thinners;
  • Stamping oils;
  • Barrier cream;
  • Etc.

Maintenance, repair & operation

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