Electric and electronic cleaners


Cleaning small components requires specific methods and products as the operations are generally carried out on live components. Our aerosols are emitted through a very accurate spray nozzle to enable you to clean hard to reach surfaces. Our solvents and degreasers evaporate and dry very quickly, and meet the strictest environmental standards. Optimal cleaning and dust extraction of tiny components are guaranteed with these innovative, effective and useful products, which are appropriate for all industry sectors.

Aerochem’s electric and electronic cleaners:
  • Dielectric degreasers;
  • Fast-acting coolants;
  • Dust extractors;
  • Safe degreasers;
  • Cleaners;
  • Ecological and biodegradable products;
  • Dry cleaners;
  • Safe, inflammable products for plastics;
  • Inflammable products;
  • Unrestricted products for plastics.

Aerosol electric and electronic cleaners




Flammable and safe for plastics




Non-flammable and safe on plastics.

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