Instant Adhesives & Anaerobic resins


Resins and technical glues have a wide variety of uses and constraints. Anaerobic resins are solvent-free mono-component substances that harden and fill all spaces and micro-roughness of the surface being worked. They form a very strong, very resistant joint.
Cyanoacrylate glues are mono-component adhesives that instantly polymerize at room temperature. They provide excellent adhesion with most materials, and are ideal for work with small surfaces.

Aerochem’s anaerobic resins and cyanoacrylate glues:
  • Quick-setting adhesives;
  • Epoxies;
  • Epoxy adhesives for strong repairs;
  • Retaining fluids (strong, low, medium or high viscosity retaining fluids);
  • Thread-locking fluid (weak, medium and strong, fittings sealant).

Epoxy adhesives


Instant adhesives


Retaining compound


Thread locking

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