Degreasers and cleaners


You must clean and degrease your operations on a daily basis, no matter whether you’re in the construction, industrial, commercial or food industry. Performing preventative maintenance on your parts and equipment is extremely crucial in order to prevent breakdown due to accumulation of dust, grease, rust, dirt, etc. This is why we offer a full range of cleaning-degreasing products to meet your specific needs. Are you looking for a slow-evaporating degreaser, a dielectric degreaser or a safe, inflammable, ecological degreaser? Aerochem will have it. Call one of our advisors so that they can offer you the ideal solution for your needs.

Here is our selection of degreasing and cleaning products:
  • Dielectric degreasers;
  • Universal strippers;
  • Heavy-duty cleaning foam;
  • Stainless steel cleaners and polishes;
  • Dry cleaners;
  • Biodegradable and ecological degreasers;
  • Degreasers/decontaminants;
  • Inflammable degreasers.

Aerosol degreasers and cleaners


Emulsifying degreasers


Flammable degreasers


Non-flammable degreasers


Vegetable based


Water-based degreasers

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