Metal Fluids


Fluids are essential for metal fabrication and transformation processes such as machining, drilling, tapping, cutting, stamping, bending, etc. We are able to provide you with the winning formula for any kind of operation. Aerochem can support many types of industry, from manufacturing to machine shops and metalworking. Whether you’re looking for a cutting fluid (mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic), slow or rapid evaporation stamping fluid, or even cutting oils for drilling, threading or bending parts, we will be able to satisfy you by providing you with quality industrial fluids that have been proven for many years.
Our range of fluids for metals:
  • Drilling/tapping fluids;
  • Stamping oils;
  • Bending, stamping and stretching fluids;
  • Semi-synthetic or synthetic mineral cutting oils;
  • Machining fluids.

Aerosol machining fluids


Cutting fluids


Straight oil


Vanishing oil

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