Special Lubricants


Our range of special lubricants was especially designed to provide lubrication solutions to many industries. From aeronautics to cosmetics, as well as the agri-food and glass industries, foundries, and even land, sea and rail transport, our special lubricants meet a wide range of needs and requirements.

Our selection of special lubricants:
  • Aerosol lubricants: food grad, dry Teflon, graphite and moly;
  • Aluminum assembly paste;
  • Special grease to lubricate bearings used in the food industry;
  • Dielectric lubricants;
  • Drilling fluids;
  • Oily films: releasing agents, stamping, bending and stretching fluids, silicone emulsifiers, cutting oils, insulating oils, anti-corrosion fluids;
  • Dry films;
  • High temperature chain lubricants;
  • Specialities: ceramic coating, high temperature lubricants, stamping oils, coolants, leak detector, protective capture fluid, anti-spatter, etc.

Aerosol lubricants


Dry film


High temperature chain lubricant




Wet film

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