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Desperate for a way to extend the life and protection of your structure? Why choosing Galvicon try our Galva ZN or Galva 94.

In life, like in industry, everybody is always looking for custom solutions. As in in our daily life, the industry is always looking to push what is possible while gaining time. However, to be able to solve problems in a targeted and efficient way, you need more than products that can be found in a department store. You need real specialists.


Unfortunately, we are too often left with a set of solutions that are temporary and can fill an immediate need, but that will never be a permanent or long-term solution. In an ever-changing industry, it’s almost impossible to find the perfect solution, the perfect protector, the perfect layout for a structure. This is also true for the protection of your pieces, structures, and equipment. With Galvicon Galva ZN, extend and protect directly in your plant or even on a construction site.


The hot-dip galvanizing process is often pricey and sometimes less sustainable or even not adapted at all to your needs and standards. That’s when cold galvanizing spray and liquid appears to be the optimal solution: the well renowned Galvicon Galva ZN offers the flexibility and liberty that you need and can even match the color of the finish of your piece. Try it, and adopt it. Discover with us today how the Galvicon paint can become the custom solution you and your team need. You’ll see, Galvicon Galva ZN paint can help you make every day better.


Why Galvicon is the best thing right now?

Working in the food industry? On a construction site? In manufacturing? Using hot-dip galvanized structures and pieces on a daily basis? If so, you must be wondering if you could more easily and efficiently slow the spread of rust on your structures and pieces. Galvicon Galva ZN can help you, thanks to its specifications and versatility. Certified and of industrial quality, it has been created to meet the norms and standards of your industry. It is, without any doubt, the best product on the market. Galvicon can suit any needs in terms of touch-up and more.


What is Galvicon?

It’s actually a cold galvanizing process that comes in either liquid form or as a spray-on solution to facilitate application. Galvicon aerosol is THE industrial quality solution when it comes to protecting hot dip galvanized structure or doing touch-ups.


How Galvicon works?

Simply remove the crusts or rust on the surface by sanding with a type X paper. After that, just degrease the surface to sanitize it and create an excellent base to apply Galvicon to your hot dip galvanized pieces or structures. Once the Galvicon is dry, the color of the product should match your hot dip galvanization while offering you a great protection with the industrial quality for your touch-up.


Not only will the lifespan of your piece increase, but it will also be better protected with a bright or matte finish depending on the type of Galvicon used. Doubled with aesthetic characteristics, Galvicon can be as versatile as it is easy to use. Remember that it can also serve as a preventive layer or protective primer coat that can be paint over. Isn’t that perfect for a last minute touch-up or adding a polished look?


Whether your piece has been drilled, scratched, tapped, or welded, you will get incredible protection against the wear and tear of the seasons. As you can see, industrial solutions can be versatile and high performance. It’s not a miracle, just science.


Who can use Galvicon aerosol?

As you can see, Galvicon is an incredibly convenient solution that has been tailored precisely for industrial and commercial needs. From the food business to the construction site, Galvicon aerosol can be sprayed on any metallic structures or parts.

The only question is: Are you a:

  • Hot dip galvanizing plant?
  • Welding company?
  • Machining shop?
  • Manufacturing or remanufacturing plant?
  • Steel erector, welder, heavy/medium transport, or heavy fences?
  • Food company?

If you fit into any of these categories, well, Galvicon could be perfect for you. However, if you didn’t check one of these boxes, but you work with metallic structures or pieces that require protection and cold galvanization, keep reading. You will find everything you need to know about Galvicon paint.


Which Galvicon product to choose?

There are a lot of Galvicon products on the market right now, but none can compare with these: Galva ZN and Galva 94. They appear quite similar on the surface, but they serve very different purposes in your daily work life. Galva ZN has a bright and smooth finish because of its zinc flakes formula, while Galva 94 will insure a better protection with its rich zinc composition.


Curious about how these can improve your daily work? Which to choose? How can Galva 94 and Galva ZN improve productivity and efficiency in your daily operations? These are the important facts to know about Galvicon aerosol sprays like Galva ZN and Galva 94.


The most trusted Galvicon: the Galva ZN?

As a cold zinc-galvanizing compound, Galva ZN appears fairly similar to any other Galvicon product on the market. But this liquid cold galvanizing protection has many tricks up its sleeve for you.


Obtained by oxydoreduction, the Galvicon in Galva ZN gives an evenly layered coating with its zinc flakes formula. It can help you get a smoother, more even finish where the flakes layer on top of each other in contrast to zinc pigments that will give a more porous and bright finish. Covering a surface of 525pi2 with a 1mm coat, Galva ZN offers a protection of over 750 hours. This Galvicon paint has a drying time of less than 25 minutes with a thickness of 1 mm. Free of runs or thickness inconsistencies depending on the application method, it’s a versatile, easy-to-use, and high-performance type of Galvicon paint.


As for the technical properties, Galva ZN Galvicon is the best on the market. With zinc purity up to 99%, a temperature range of -50 to +350C and 750 hours or more of protection, Galva ZN bears impressive industrial quality. Because it is approved for usage in the food industry, it’s the perfect tool.


Why trust the Galvicon paint Galva ZN?

  • +87% zinc in the dry extract of the paint after one coat of liquid cold galvanization
  • Zinc purity > 99%
  • 750 hours or more of salt mist spray resistance (norm ASTM B-117)
  • Covers 525pi2 with 1mm coat of liquid cold galvanization
  • Zinc flakes formula in spray for a more smooth and bright coat
  • Excellent cosmetic finish
  • Galvicon can be used as a primer coat and be repainted

The ultimate Galvicon: Galva 94

On the other hand, Galva 94 is the big brother of Galva ZN with its unique properties and matte finish. Obviously, it’s still Galvicon paint, a cold galvanizing zinc compound, but this one contains over 94% zinc after two layers and offers over 2,000 hours of salt mist spray resistance. That is really impressive.


Simply apply Galvicon paint for touch-ups or protection, and get coverage of over 28pi2 with a 3mm coat. With its matte finish, it increases corrosive resistance with a higher content of zinc powder. This Galvicon in spray is definitively the most coveted solution on the market right now. ,

With its higher concentration of zinc powder and 99% zinc purity, it’s the ideal Galvicon to protect pieces or for some touch-ups after machining and welding a structure. This Galvicon paint is noncorrosive, dries quickly, covers well, and offers a layered coating with a sleek, uniform, matte appearance: no runs or thickness inconsistencies, only a smooth finish. Galva 94 is not only high performance; it is a Galvicon that exceeds any standards, and complies with the ASTM B-117-64 norm and the Canadian CGSB 1.181.


Overall, Galva 94 has more zinc, offers more resistance to salt mist, but covers less with a thicker coat. Your choice between Galva 94 and Galva ZN Galvicon paint will ultimately come down to your industry requirements and your specific needs, but either of them will surely suit you perfectly.


Why choose the Galvicon aerosol Galva 94?

  • +94% zinc in the dry extract film after two coats of spray cold galvanization
  • Zinc purity > 99%
  • 2,000 hours or more of salt mist spray resistance (norm ASTM B-117-64)
  • Covers 28pi2 with 3mm coat of spray cold galvanization
  • Exceeds CGSB 1.181 Canadian norms
  • Galva 94 can be used as a primer coat and be repainted

Where can you use these Galvicon paints?

Galva ZN and Galva 94 are Galvicon paints that can be applied to almost any metallic piece or structure: hot zinc plate work after machining or welding; electric poles; clamps; attachment parts; fixations; screwed assemblies; electric motor and pump brushings; water meters; hinge pins; door hinges; metallic doors; fencing; sanitary piping; heat pumps; air conditioning equipment; heating installations; electrical and rolling materials; marine work. And this is not a complete list! Who said that versatile solutions were impossible?


Where to find Galvicon paint?

Well, a solution that is so versatile and complies with industry requirements cannot be found locally in high quality and at the best price. You will have to speak to someone who can truly understand your needs, your industry, and your work: Aerochem, your favorite local Galvicon distributor. It could be worse, right?


To get the best of Galvicon, choose the industrial quality and the local expertise for all your needs in the cold galvanization process either in liquid or spray with a local Galvicon distributor. Because your industry requires the very best quality for everything, your industrial maintenance shouldn’t be trusted to a low quality product. Make sure to choose the right Galvicon distributor.


Discover the Aerochem quality: a Galvicon manufacturer and distributor

We are aware of how important Galvicon aerosol can be on a construction site or in a manufacturing plant. We know what it is to work in a very specialized field with high standards. We know your industry and we provide custom solutions for them. Our Galvicon products—Galva ZN and Galva 94—have been tailor-made to insure optimal protection for your metallic pieces and structures, whether you are looking for cosmetic qualities without neglecting the protection of your pieces or whether you are searching for the maximal protection for your galvanized metallic structures.


With their high zinc percentage, their corrosion resistant properties, and their ready-to-apply formula, these Galvicon paints will help you increase the protection of your metallic structures and parts with one simple coat. Whether it’s for touch-up or to extend the protection of your hot-dip galvanized pieces, Galvicon aerosol such as Galva ZN and Galva 94 have your back. Complying with the highest standards on the market, you can definitely count on them to achieve a perfectly smooth finish while providing the best protection.


Take advantage of local Galvicon service, quick delivery, and years of expertise in each bottle. Because at Aerochem, we create more than work tools, we provide custom solutions to your daily problems. Get your supply of Galvicon when you want it, in the quantity you need, with our fast delivery and central location. As a Galvicon distributor, we are confident that you will find the right solution in one of our bottles or in our Galva 94 or Galva ZN sprays.


Overall, Galva 94 and Galva ZN are proof that custom solutions can be found. They are evidence that when you have a solid knowledge of real daily problems, you can create amazing products that will solve these problems for anybody. Remember, Galva 94 and Galva ZN are not the same, they have different characteristics, but they remain the best Galvicon paint on the market.


Trust a local company with over twenty-five years of experience and research in the industrial field. We create and distribute custom solutions to our clients to answer their specific needs in their industry.


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