Greases & Pastes


Are you looking for a way to increase the lifespan of your bearings, and to reduce downtimes and associated costs? It all depends on the kind of grease used to prevent premature wear and bearing seizure due to overheating. This is why we provide reversible grease technology designed to meet specific and stringent requirements. Our greases and pastes increase your bearings’ lifespans in sectors such as mills, pulp and paper, heavy machinery, steelworking, etc. Bearings take a lot of abuse due to load and pressure, exposure to varying temperature ranges, and the speed at which they operate. We can also provide you with anti-seize pastes that will satisfy you and make it easier to assemble, disassemble and drill your parts and equipment.

Our greases and pastes:
  • High-pressure greases: all purpose, food, marine, connectors, cables and gears;
  • Anti-seize pastes;
  • Joint pastes;
  • P.T.F.E enriched pastes.

Aerosol grease




Bearing grease


Gear grease


P.T.F.E. enriched pastes

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